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Volunteering & Ambassadors Open Call

Art & Hope Volunteers Registration 2016

Join us for our upcoming field trips for :

1. Adopt-A-Hat – Winter Project
(Chiangmai,Northern Thailand and Myanmar)
Meet the students and families in Northern Thailand and Myanmar to distribute the 500 knitted Hats, basic packs necessities, winter clothes, blankets, shoes and other items. Preparation work and fundrasing is required. (Application is closed)

2. Christmas Celebration (Maesot, Thailand and Myanmar)
Celebrate Christmas with underprivileged children and youth at the border towns of Thailand and Myanmar. To distribute 1,000 Basic packs to various schools, children homes in Villages In Thailand and Myanmar. Preparation and Fundraising is required. (Application is closed)

3. 2016 Donor’s and Volunteer trips
– March 2016
– June 2016
– August 2016
– November 2016
– December 2016

1. Fill in Application form (download form from the link as aboved)
2. Tell us more about your
– background,
– profession,
– volunteering experience locally and oversea,
– area of voluteering interest.
2. Attend Information session
2. Go thru an interview
3. Go thru the selection process
4. Attend meetings
5. Fundraising
6. Involve in Planning, Programming, Logistic
7. Selected volunteers will start preparation work 6 months before each trip.
8. Seleceted volunteers will also be involved in other events and activities in Singapore.

Email us for the application form : info@artnhope.com or jose@projectloveasia.org

Download the application as above.


The site for the new home was bought and secured in December 2014 at Maesot, Thailand with a land size of around 10,000 sqft.  The new integrated facilities is near to the schools and easily accessible.  Building plans are for a 3 storey building  with an estimated 18,000 sq ft build-up area.  It will include facilities to house up to 150 orphans and children with almost 80% increase in the capacity. The integrated facilities includes, a multi-purpose hall, library, computer lab, nursery, dining hall, kitchen, learning corners, study area, creative art studio, training rooms, playground, kitchen, boys’ rooms, girls’ rooms and other facilities.

We are in Phase 2 of the development and construction of the facilities and finalising the design with our architectural designers, engineers and contractors. Drawings will be endorsed by our engineers and submitted to the various authorities for approvals. Construction is scheduled to be in the 2nd half of Year 2015 and schedule of construction is estimated to complete by Year 2016, depending on funding.  The funds to be raised for the construction of the new facilities will include a number of fundraising events and donation drive programmes over the years on a continuous basis.

To support MY HOME Project, email us : info@artnhope.com

Architect Designer : Vince Ong – EBON DESIGNS Singapore





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